Course image Managing My Performance Appraisal: Instruments and Documents
Leadership and Management

In this intensive course, teachers get acquainted with the appraisal instruments being used to manage teacher performance. Course participants explore the purpose of the document, learn about the elements of the instrument and examine the supporting documents for completing the appraisal. 

All course participants should have: 

  1. A teacher registration number. 
  2. Be able to monitor self in the asynchronous learning space. 
  3. Possess a willingness to reflect and to pivot so as to gain positive learning outcomes.

Course image Lead Teacher Training
Leadership and Management

The Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) created the Lead Teacher programme to provide teachers with opportunities to collaborate and support each other. The Lead Teacher Programme encourages the creation and provision of professional development opportunities (PDOs) that are targeted at the specific needs of teachers. Through the Lead Teacher Programme, teachers create and execute PDOs with and for other teachers.

Lead teachers are full time members of staff in schools. They volunteer to start, promote and sustain PLCs. It is the voluntary work of the Lead Teachers that makes the Lead Teacher Programme possible.

This training has been developed to:

  1. Empower Lead Teachers to create and sustain learning communities aligned to their area of interest and that are supportive of the teacher development work being undertaken in their QECs.
  2. Challenge and refine Lead Teachers' understanding of teacher development and, as a result, identify suitable professional development opportunities in which teachers can be engaged. 
  3. Initiate Lead Teachers into the protocols of working as teacher leaders within their local space 

Course image PD LEADership for Teacher Growth
Leadership and Management

The Teaching Council has developed this course to empower teachers who serve as Chairpersons for their schools’ PD Committees. Teachers who participate in the course learn how to plan effective, collaborative and collegial PD activities.

All course participants should have: 

1. A teacher registration number. 

2. Experience supporting professional development activities at their school as verified by the principal’s submission to the Council. 

3. Knowledge of the teacher appraisal procedures that are implemented at their respective schools. 

 4. An understanding of the purpose and expectations for teacher professional development. 

5. A positive disposition towards supporting and collaborating with peers.